A performance in the convention of movement theatre, pantomime, and burlesque, inspired by classical silent era slapstick films (Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton). It is an elegant combination of classical devices and scripts in a modern arrangement and interpretation.

The performance consists of several episodes. For example, we see a street artist who falls in love with a lady from high society. He shows off before her, presenting his circus skills and weight-lifter’s strength, and even doing strip-tease. When he finally gains the acceptance of his beloved, his awkwardness results in a series of tragicomic actions.

Another character that appears is a remarkable photographer. It turns out, however, that his skills are being put to the test... The humour of the situation grows when it comes to light what the photographer is really doing under the cape covering the camera.

The performance verges on the grotesque and has a lively, original story line.