A long time ago ...

...or maybe not so long... There were two eccentric characters. Their arrival caused a stir among the residents of the amazing planet Earth. Those who had already met them, suddenly fell into exquisite mood and childlike delight.

Attention, attention: the clowns are attacking, the clowns are coming!

Welcome to the Attack of the Clowns - a bunch of comic scenes, sketches and gags, of which the main protagonists are those two eccentric characters. The children and their parents will face frantic clown pranks, what’s more, they will get everything, since these clowns, following the steps of Chaplin or Buston Keaton’s silent movies, build their perfomance not on verbal jokes, but humourous gags, tricks, mime and a lot of improvisation. Acrobatics, unicycles and funny jokes after the other!

The performance is filled with plenty of surprising twists and turns, its pace is  staggering, therefore, it is impossible to get bored as the humor intertwines with valuable morals. Moreover - there's plenty of joyful interaction with the audience!

Both grown ups and small ones can feel in the circus.