The “Out of a Suitcase” theatre (Teatr Na Walizkach) came into being in 2005. It was founded by three actors: Anna Went, Łukasz Jędrzejczak, and Oleg Yemtsev, a Russian comedian and mime. The theatre developed its current style through cooperation with many actors from all over the world. Its performances are understood by everyone, regardless of age and nationality.

The theatre finds inspiration in films from the silent era (Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton), the contemporary Russian clowning school, improvisational theatre, puppet theatre, and pantomime.

The repertoire of the “Out of a Suitcase” theatre mostly includes comedies in the convention of street theatre, improvisational theatre, and visual comedy. Our roots are in pantomime but our interests and inspirations are much wider.

The theatre performed at many theatre events and street theatre festivals in Poland as well as abroad: Italy, Germany, Belarus, Austria,  Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Tunisia and Hungary where its original style and “international” form won enthusiastic acclaim. The members of the “Out of a Suitcase” theatre are professional actors.